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Airwave 8.2.0 not showing rogues

I recently noticed my Airwave server (version 8.2.0) was not showing any rogues. My controller however is. I wanted to see if anybody had this issue or knew of a way to change the settings back to default in case i acciedntly messed up a setting.

Re: Airwave 8.2.0 not showing rogues

We ran into this problem with our two Airwave Instances and I discovered the following in our logs that continuously occured with eachother ever since we upgraded to Airwave 8.2:
1. Airwave Logs:  Error in SNMP polling: Timeout(thin_ap_rogue_client
2. ArubaOS Logs: snmp[4156]: <301247> <WARN> Processing of GET(next) request failed

We contacted TAC and they've ran into this problem before. They have a patch for this issue, believe it was called, RAPIDS_FIX_8201. Note this also affected our "AP Neighbors" under "AP Monitoring".

Re: Airwave 8.2.0 not showing rogues

This issue seems fixed in Airwave From the release notes:


DE25333 Symptom: An issue is resolved where AirWave was processing incoming rogue data but not
correctly updating the AP database.
Scenario: In a previous releases of AirWave 8.2.x, rogue AP data was processed by AirWave
but not stored in the database, preventing rogue devices from correctly appearing in the
RAPIDs overview pages.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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