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Airwave failing IAP Firmware Updates

Has anyone else experienced problems upgrading Instant AP firmware with AirWave 8.2.10 on Centos 7.6 release?

We followed the instructions to upload the firmware and then configure an upgrade job, however it kept failing. Checking the Event Log gave the URL that was been given to IAPs with firmware location https://<IP>/flash/ArubaInstant_Hercules_8_5_0_4_72900_0.bin but clicking this gave us a 404.

Investigation in the filesystem showed the AMP server was uploading the files to /tftpboot but then the web server was serving /flash from /var/tftpboot/ so it could not find any of the images.

I am unsure if something failed during our install or if this affects others as well.


Re: Airwave failing IAP Firmware Updates

Could we check the firmware server log under System --> Firmware upgrade jobs? This should give us idea on what Airwave have tried. Also, do we have any firmware jobs in failed or pending state?
Opening a TAC case would be a good idea to narrow down the issue quickly.


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Re: Airwave failing IAP Firmware Updates

I'm seeing a similar issue, except that it's not that the upgrade fails - it looks more like the download of the firmware file from AirWave to the VC never happens. AirWave reports the device 'down', but it remains functional and is reachable via web UI. Refreshing AirWave doesn't result in any feedback or progress, although it shows the upgrade to be 'in progress'. Eventually, you have to manually cancel the upgrade and the attempt is not recorded in the log.

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Re: Airwave failing IAP Firmware Updates

I don't know if you're hitting the same issue we did, but we couldn't upgrade any IAPs on that version due to the IAP getting pointed at the IP address, while the SSL certificate was only valid for the hostname.


We ended up upgrading to, which fixed the issue for us.

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Re: Airwave failing IAP Firmware Updates

Our SSL Certificate had SANs for the host and the IP so don't think that could be the cause.


The release notes for explicitly mention a fix for this issue so I assume it is working now. We have not needed to perform a firmware upgrade since applying the update, so I can not confirm it is fixed yet.


DE33622: After an upgrade to AirWave 8.2.10 and CentOS 7, AirWave failed to complete an IAP firmware upgrade after sending firmware upgrade files to the IAPs. This issue is resolved in AirWave


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