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Airwave from killed airwave

I am having an issue after doing the SSH upgrade form to where it just says AMP disabled and after a reboot it will not come online.  I tried to downgrade, but it will not let me.  anybody have an idea on how to downgrade it or for it to try another upgrade?


I do see this:


Please contact Aruba Support at:
1-800-WiFi-LAN (US & Canada) or 1-408-754-1200 (International Toll) or http://www.hpe.com/networking/mynetworking to fix the inconsistencies in the database.


But was hoping it was something simple to trigger it to fix itself.

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Re: Airwave from killed airwave

Well I know it is not the perfect thing to do, but I use airwave just to monitor at the moment, so I just deleted the database and restarted the upgrade and it worked.  Here is the commands:


# disable_amp
# bootstrap_db.pl
# enable_amp
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