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Airwave Client Diagnostics missing data

Capture.JPGHello Airwave community,


We are using Airwave for few month now, we integrated our IAP cluster in, everything looks ok.

But since few days we have wifi disconnection reported by a user, so we used Airwave Client - Diagnostics informations to assist us.

Graph signal & noise and SNR seems indicate that client lost connection very often see attached screenshot.

To verify data provided by airwave i ran a circular ping to the client (beetween 8.28AM and 8.40AM, timerange where SNR graph is blank) and strangely it reply to the ping with very small reponse time (which is quiet good).

So we conclude that Airwave graph are not correct or data are missing.

Are we misunderstanding this graph ? is Airvawe losing information ?

Thanks in advance for your help,




Re: Airwave Client Diagnostics missing data

What versions of AirWave and Instant OS are you running? If you navigate to System -> Status are these all green or displaying as red? 

How much disk space is available on the AirWave server? There is also the following which you can take a look at as well :)



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Re: Airwave Client Diagnostics missing data



Airwave version : 8.2.6

IAP version :

System => Status : everything is green

Free disk space is ok

I had a look to https://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Monitoring-Management-Location/What-to-do-when-graphs-are-not-updating-cache-file-corruption-or/ta-p/174330

but it's not the same problem, because graph are updated (even if there are 'hole' in the data line)







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