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Airwave DHCP Stats

Hi All,

I'm fairly new to Clarity in Airwave but I appear to be getting some crazy stats.

Could anyone confirm what is actually being measured and if the readings are reliable?

Airwave is frequently showing +40 second AVERAGE response times from our servers, but a wireshark on a new WiFi connection shows just a few milliseconds between DHCPDiscover and DHCPAck.


Untitled picture.png2hr DHCP Response times

Re: Airwave DHCP Stats

Airwave just reports what the controller sends it in AMON. If you want to dig into it, you will plenty of free time and to open a TAC case, then fight over whether it's an Airwave issue (is not) or a controller issue (is) and then setup and capture DHCP+AMON and then correlate the captures, then get a bug filed if something wrong is found.


:) good luck ( I can help to direct to you if you want to tackle it yourself, just let me know.)




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Re: Airwave DHCP Stats

Thanks dugem2016, I'll do a bit of digging myself then raise a case.

I have a feeling that the controller is reporting Max DHCP times rather than average which would make our stats slightly less scary!  :)


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