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Airwave - Global controller Template - How to deal with different interface configurations

Hi Airheads community,


I have an issue with configuring centralised configuration management for our physical controller environment. Our controller environment is mixed with 7005, 7010, 7030, 3200XM controllers, all running in standalone mode.


The controllers are located at different offices, so we have different VLANs, interfaces, static routes, Clearpass login pages, guest BW limitations, different DHCP scopes and so on.


I did not find a way to create a template which can deal with all these differences.


SSIDs, user roles,  VAPs, ACLs can be standardized.

I tried to create a template for central configuration managment, having all these controllers into the same config group. So, the first and most obvious issue I have is that the different controllers have a different number of physical interfaces. You will see a mismatch between a 7005 and a 7030 and a 3200xm and so on. The same for routed VLAN interfaces, some controller will have just two, other controllers 4.


So, I tried to play it smart and configured a ignore and do not push for the interface command. But when I test this, the controller reboots, looses its IP configuration and sets all interfaces to untrust.


I think with the web configuration mode of Airwave I could maybe manage the interface issue, but then I loose a lot of variables I would need to cover all the other differences.


Many thanks,





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