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Airwave Policy Version Issue

i am having an issue were a new Instant Virtual Controller is complaining about the Airwave Policy version. Currently my version is set to 4.2.4 and the new VC wants 4.3.1. When i changed it to 4.3.1 all the other VC's started complaining about needing 4.2.4. im guessing this is because all the new AP's on the new VC are IAP 305's and all the old AP's on the older VC's are IAP 205's. is there a way around this?

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Re: Airwave Policy Version Issue

figure out the reason is IAP-305's have a higher firmware version then my IAP-205's. So i had to create an new folder just for these until i upgrade all the IAP-205's to the same firmware as the IAP-305's.

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