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Airwave report, delete exceptional AP of the report

Hi, I would ask if it's possible to delete some AP of my report.


I make daily report of my AP for see if she have user connected or not, but some AP are located in places with little or no traffic at all and i don't want to see this AP on my report.


On my report i only capture this information : 

ArubaAiwaves report.PNGInformation Captured

I would like if it's possible to reject some AP of my report or if it's obligated to take all AP of one site location (without the possibility to delete one) 


Thank for reading


Re: Airwave report, delete exceptional AP of the report

We can export the report in CSV format and delete the APs which have zero usage or you can create a new folder in Airwave and move all the devices which does not have any traffic, while generationg report uncheck and this folder run the report.

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