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Airwave server transfer to another server



We are supporting 120 Library and monitoring them through airwave. The server we are using is now the end of life cycle, we need to change. Library wants us to set it on their data center so probably it is a new setup. Is there a way that we can keep everything safe in airwave as it is and transferable to the new server so new airwave just picks up everything as is and we just have to put the new airwave IP address on VC so they can appear as a new device and we can add them to a particular group folder. Please advise.


Re: Airwave server transfer to another server

You can deploy the new Airwave server with the same version as old one. Then take the latest nightly backup from old server and restore it on the new one. This will get the entire backup from old server on new one. Post this you can update the IP address and details. If you are changing the IP of Airwave, you would have to regenerate the license key as well, as it will be mapped to the IP address of the server.


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