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Airwave time keeps defaulting to PST

How about an option after an update/upgrade installs that it prompts you to confirm the time settings? Or that it just actually uses NTP? Evertime we update AW reverts to PST. Just would be nice if it at least prompted you to ask if time was correct or needed adjustment. We are going to have to add a step to our run book to run the time setup after each update.

Ryan Steele
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Re: Airwave time keeps defaulting to PST

@rgin has helped me before with time issues, maybe he has an idea as to whats going on.


Re: Airwave time keeps defaulting to PST

The images were previously built from a server that's was in PST timezone.  They are now build on a server with EST timezone.


With the above in mind, is it possible that a kernel update has happened at some point without a reboot?  When you run date, does it normally output in PST?  Are there any groups that have PST timezone setting?


Will try to reproduce in the lab.  An end all would be to choose a downtime window, during that window - take a backup, pull the backup off server, reinstall from ISO of current running version, and then restore the backup.  Timezone is an OS layer setting, so the AMP database shouldn't be changing it.


Additional, it'd be worth it to open a TAC case to observe during the next upgrade since this symptom seems to be unique and I haven't found any similar reports.

Rob Gin
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Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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