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Airwves Validated Device support

Hello Everyone i open this topic as there is no actual validated device support and what you can see on those divces.  There is a suppport devices list but its not like really good at least thats what i feel... for example it says it support alcatel switcehs 6450 but it does not support it... i cannot see physical interfaces.


The idea of this tpoic is name the swithces or WLAN controller 3rd party ones you using and monitoring and what you cand do with it?


Ill Start


Alcatel Switches


Firmware Verision


1-Interfaces Status

2-Interfaces Errors

3-Interfaces BW utilization

4-Interfaces Name

5-IP interfaces (it does not tell you the ip address)


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Re: Airwves Validated Device support

Good idea creating a list.


I'm in the process of opening up discussion with the Product team to further look into existing support.


If you're looking for a list, you will want to add the specific Firmware Version to any list.  AirWave will at least support up to the version listed in the supported devices document (this represents the Firmware version used during testing).  Note that even though a device is listed, the document does not claim to support untested firmware versions.  Though there is the possibility that the device could work on a newer firmware if the SNMP MIBs for existing already supported features were not changed.

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Re: Airwves Validated Device support

Yeah i ll add the firmware version


The Alcatel 6450 is a special case because it says that it support this devices on the firmware 6.6.1 but that firmware does not exist on the 6450 just on the 6250 :)

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Re: Airwves Validated Device support

im doing all this because im looking forward in selling and installing Airwaves

We already sold our first one that was to monitor around 45 APS... and im looking to sell another two... not just this as i want also to start selling clearpass... but im waiting for the new course to take it... for now i know just clearpass Guest which im already discussing with a client that is interested in it(which is funny because the CEO of that Hotel, was telling the IT manager i have been on hotels aroudn the world and i see that i can do autoselft provisioning and also that i can even select what kind of plan of internet i want in my room! why we dont have that here? he ask to the IT manager and i told him that we can do all that!) haha


Anyways thanks for the reply Rob







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Re: Airwves Validated Device support

like the idea, ill just add


Juniper EX 4200 switch


ill add the version and what it exactly shows later when i have access. hopefully soon ill also be able to provide info on some Cisco switches.

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