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Alert based on "devices" roaming into an area on a floor plan?

We are looking a securing a particular area from devices in general.


It is easy enough to day for someone to watch a map to see the triangulated locations of all devices which can be heard.


We would like to draw an area (as simple as a box) on a floor plan and have an alert sent anytime a device (regular client device, ad-hoc mode wifi device, or a device such as an iPhone sharing it's internet connection by creating it's own wifi infrastructure mode hotspot) wanders into the designated area.


We would like to eliminate the person watching a map and have these alerts automated .  In the email for instance could/should be a link to at least the device mac address so we can then follow up with it on the system.


I see in AWMS that we can alert based on a new devices or maybe have some sort of alerting based on signal strength - which does not satisfy our requirement - we are most interested specifically on actual location.


No we don't want to start doing any custom coding with any APIs.  :)


We are running ArubaOS and AWMS 7.5.4.  Is there a way to do this with either?




Re: Alert based on "devices" roaming into an area on a floor plan?

There is no way in AirWave to alert on a device entering or leaving a region.  AirWave has a location accuracy of about 5-7 meters with ~10 minutes of latency.  When people draw a region on a map they typically want to know which side of a wall a device is on.  VisualRF is not accurate enough to give that kind of information.  Additionally, when people are looking for these kinds of alerts, they want to respond immediately when a device leaves the region.  The latency inherent in AirWave makes that very difficult.


What type of devices do you want to track entering/leaving a region?  In many cases we would recommend one of our partners like Aeroscout or Ekahau to get this type of alerting.

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