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Aliases definition

Hi all,

I am a bit confused with alias definition.


If i have a firewall policy: any any svc-icmp permit


Who is the alias?
- network source
- network destination
- network service

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Re: Aliases definition

An alias typically refers to a variable that represents an ip address or network:


Screenshot 2017-07-01 at 07.29.03.png


In your example, the alias would be "any" because it would represent any network traffic.

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Re: Aliases definition

Hi, there is a couple of Aliases. A network service alias :


A network service alias defines a TCP, UDP or IP protocol and a list or range of ports supported by that service. When you create a network service alias, you can use that alias when specifying the network service for multiple session ACLs.


(host)(config) #netservice <name> <protocol>|tcp|udp {list <port>,<port>}|{<port> [<port>]} [ALG <service>


Or a Network Alias which can be either your source or destination subnet. So this is a network IP or IP ranges.


(host)(config) #netdestination “Internal Network” 

network network

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: Aliases definition

Thank you guys. This question was in an exam and it was with alternatives.

Only one answer should be chosen,..so Im confused:


A. Net service

B. Net source

C. Net destination

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