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All RAPs are Renamed to AP Group Name

I was working with a customer today who had a failover of their main RAP controller.   RAPs relocated to the second controller (master controller; whitelist is located on this master), however upon doing so, they all had their names changed to the AP Group name, thus many "Duplicate AP Names", etc.


The original controller is back online, and the RAPs are on it, however the duplicate names (AP Group names) persist.   We have attempted to rename them back to the proper name by rebooting the AP, changing the name in the whitelist, deleting the entry and adding it back to the whitelist, reprovisioning and naming it......but none work.  The RAP continues to come up with the AP Group name.


1) Has anyone seen this?

2) Any thoughts as to why this happens?

3) Outside of hard resetting these, any other suggestions on renaming them?



Systems Engineer, Northeast USA

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