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All voice messengers have problem with voice call (Viber, Telegramm, WhatsUP)

I have clean instalation of MM-MC configuration on ARUBA OS 8.6

In this enviropmant was created WLAN with default access role  "authenticated"
I checked "Roles & Policies" for "authenticated" role and rule allowed traffic form any to any.
I configured firewall trought wizard

What else i have to configure for allow voice traffic?


(MM) [mynode] # show firewall

Global firewall policies
Policy Action Rate Port
------ ------ ---- ----
Enforce TCP handshake before allowing data Disabled
Prohibit RST replay attack Disabled
Deny all IP fragments Disabled
Prohibit IP Spoofing Enabled
Monitor ping attack Disabled
Monitor TCP SYN attack Disabled
Monitor IP sessions attack Disabled
Deny inter user bridging Disabled
Log all received ICMP errors Disabled
Per-packet logging Disabled
Blacklist Grat ARP attack client Disabled
Allow tri-session with DNAT Disabled
Disable FTP server No
Blacklist ARP attack client Disabled
Monitor ARP attack Disabled
Monitor Gratuitous ARP attack Enabled 50/30sec
GRE call id processing Disabled
Session Idle Timeout Enabled 16 sec
WMM content enforcement Disabled
Trust packet QoS Disabled
Only allow local subnets in user table Disabled
Monitor/police CP attacks Disabled
Rate limit CP untrusted ucast traffic Enabled 9765 pps
Rate limit CP untrusted mcast traffic Enabled 1953 pps
Rate limit CP trusted ucast traffic Enabled 98304 pps
Rate limit CP trusted mcast traffic Enabled 1953 pps
Rate limit CP route traffic Enabled 976 pps
Rate limit CP session mirror traffic Enabled 976 pps
Rate limit CP auth process traffic Enabled 976 pps
Rate limit CP vrrp traffic Enabled 512 pps
Rate limit CP ARP traffic Enabled 976 pps
Rate limit CP L2 protocol/other traffic Enabled 976 pps
Deny inter user traffic Disabled
Prohibit ARP Spoofing Disabled
Enforce bw contracts for broadcast traffic Disabled
Multicast automatic shaping Disabled
Stall Detection Enabled
Enforce TCP Sequence numbers Disabled
AMSDU Rx Enabled
Jumbo Frames Disabled
Session-tunnel FIB Enabled
Prevent DHCP exhaustion Disabled
Deny source routing Disabled
Immediate Freeback Disabled
DPI Classification Disabled [Cfg: disabled, PEF license: installed]
Stateful ICMP Processing Disabled
Optimize Duplicate Address Detection frames Enabled
Mcast RED Disabled
IPSec Mark Management Frames Disabled
Rate limit CP IKE traffic Enabled 1953 pps
Wireless Bridge Aging Enabled
Port Packet Drop Log Enable Disabled
App performance monitoring Disabled
DHCP performance monitoring Disabled
Track Spoofs in Data Path Disabled
Rate limit CP IP Error pkts Enabled 128 pps


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