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Amigopod 3.9 - 100% CPU



We seem to have an issue with the Amigopod captive portal page in our setup.  The Amigopod is a VM appliance spec'd out with 4 cores and 8GB of ram.  Amigopod will run at 100% CPU when clients begin connecting to our Guest wireless.  It just serves up a captive portal page for the users to accept terms and agreement of usage.  I see a lot of '/usr/bin/httpd' and 'postgres: amigopod amigopod idle' PIDS listed in the process list of the amigopod GUI.  I figure the httpd process would release once a user connects and authenticates against amigopod.  The list of httpd processes seem to grow and hang up the appliance.  Over time it slows to a crawl and we have to reboot the Amigopod to clear things out.  Even then the reboot/restart of the appliance takes forever.   Is there a way to keep this from happening?





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