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Analytics ALE basic question

Analytics basic question! I have installed a new ALE server and configured it to collect data from a WLC and an Airwave server. How can I check that it is sending data? Would like to see something from the CLI and the GUI.


Have tried http://x.x.x.x:8080/api/v1/access_point but get nothing back in browser. Expecting to see the XML explained in the manual or have I misunderstood?


Is there a query or something I can run on the CLI to get a count or view a log?

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Re: Analytics ALE basic question

Apologies if this turns into a bit of blog but I am going to post my findings as I go through in case anyone else find themselves trying to do the same thing.


You can see current status here http://ale_server_ip/#/diagnostics


Also worth downloading the ALE Demonstrator app for Android from Google Play. Needs full name to find it. You won't get it with ALE or Aruba searches.


Still not worked out how to see anything in CLI!

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