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Android 7.x issues?

Our helpdesk has been getting numerous calls from users with android 7 devices...slow/no connectivity  and appears beyond the security changes for eap-peap....  I'll see the devices get authenticated - dhcp allocated an IP...  the device just somehow thinks it is not connected to the internet via the wifi link.


Colleague has 7.x device - it gets in this state intermittently - the last time he turned off cell radio and used a local packet capture tool.


The packet capture shows tcp handshakes to internet servers... but very minimal traffic received....    Not sure why these devices are considering themselves offline - is there a new internet detection algorithim in 7.x ?  Or has anyone noticed signifigant new bahvior in 7.x vs previous version of android.


So the thought is that reports of slow connectivty of android 7 devices is typically android thinking their wifi does not lead to the internet and is trying to use cell... in places were cell coverage is weak... concrete bunker lecture halls... etc...

Re: Android 7.x issues?


I've been running Android 7.x for some time and haven't encountered this issue. Whilst this isn't the most helpful post to you it does highlight that it's not across the board and is likely an isolated incident.

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Re: Android 7.x issues?

I have seen this intermittently on my device at the edge of wifi coverage areas. Phone wifi symbol has an x on it. Nexus 6p stock 7.1.2. No complaints from other users, so further investigation is taking a back seat for now.

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