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Android Galaxy S4 Kit-Kat Slow Roaming



I've gotten a report from a few users that they are receiving "Checking the quality of your network connection" "Your network connection is unstable" or "You network connection is slow" messages while on a WPA2 EAP-PEAP network with a MS RADIUS back end when roaming between AP's. Any ideas? Are there any settings in the 802.1x AAA profile that I should be looking at to possibly adjust? Opportunisting key caching, validate PKMID and Client Match are on. Station handoff assist is off.


I may be wrong but it may be related to some feature in Android Kit Kat that was pushed out to users recently.


Running mostly AP 125's, AOS



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Re: Android Galaxy S4 Kit-Kat Slow Roaming

Did a bit digging on the internet and advised user to disable the Galaxy S4 "Auto network switch" feature. Could have possibly been the cause of the issue.

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