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Android Q - Randomized MAC Address (System Default)

Just an FYI. Randomized MAC Addresses isn’t anything new, but while testing the Android Q OS Beta on my smart phone – discovered that the “Use randomized MAC” privacy feature is considered a “System Default” now– this very well could change in a few months when the final stable release has been implemented – but an FYI for “interesting” troubleshooting aspects in the future.

  • Profiles that did exist prior to the upgrade were migrated over with “Use Device MAC” maintained.
  • New profiles that are created will be default be randomized for each profile.
    • If you “forget the network” such as when changing your password, a new mac address will be generated.
    • Users can only see what that MAC Address is when “connected” to that network.
  • MAC Address are unique to the profile – so if happen to move from an open SSID (onboarding SSID) to an 802.1X SSID, or PSK -> for whatever reasons be prepared if trying to troubleshooting connectivity issuesRANDOMIZED.jpg

Re: Android Q - Randomized MAC Address (System Default)

This is a permanent change starting in Q.

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Re: Android Q - Randomized MAC Address (System Default)

@cappalli wrote:
This is a permanent change starting in Q.

Thanks for confirmation on that. I expected that to be the case, I usually append statements like due to how much grief I'd get working 2nd Level Support in past - testing new OSes/Applications- and response from internal folks prior to contacting vendor would be (well it's not a final release) so can't really ask vendor about it....then push back - but it's a Release Candidate - and do you really want to deal with with stuff breaking after a final release to inquire about it? :-)


Made for an interesting week while moving between my test environment, production environment, and testing a PSK network. :-)

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