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Announcing the new Outdoor MIMO Wireless Networks VRD (Validated Reference Design)

Hi everyone,


I'm very pleased to announce that Aruba has just posted a validated reference design for Outdoor MIMO Wireless Networks.  This is the first design guide from any vendor dealing with MIMO in outdoor environments.


You can download a free copy here...http://www.arubanetworks.com/technology/reference-design-guides/



This Solution Guide is designed to help customers understand the Aruba system architecture and the individual components that are needed to deliver reliable, high-capacity outdoor networks using 802.11n with multiple-in and multiple-out (MIMO) radios. Content covers these main points:


  • The lifecycle of an outdoor wireless network deployment
  • Typical basic processes and tools that are used in outdoor wireless networking
  • Products and technologies to meet the needs of a wireless network operator
  • MIMO antenna selection and placement for maximum capacity
  • Design recommendations for common deployment scenarios
  • Regulatory rules that must be incorporated into all outdoor RF designs
  • Test results showing rate vs. range for various antenna combinations

As the lead author of the book, I'd be delighted to take your questions and feedback on the document.  It would be great to get a live discussion going here about how SISO and MIMO deployments compare. Also, if you're working on a deployment this is a great place to come for advice from experts who have done it before.


Don't forget to check out all the other reference designs while you're there.


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