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Antenna Patterns

Hello all,


I am quite new here and I am trying to figure out the most suitable external antenna to be used with AP-124 for a new site.


I have been looking at AP-ANT-16,17,18. By looking at the antenna H / E patterns for the aformentioned antennas, I cannot exactly understand what is the orientation of the antenna while producing the patterns. For example, the patterns that appear in the datasheet of ANT-16, are they the result of a wall-mounted (facing straight) or ceiling-mounted (facing down) ANT-16?

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Re: Antenna Patterns

The antenna choice depends on the coverage needed.  If you are installing these for user connectivity (not mesh) inside a building and on the ceiling, the 16 is probably the best choice (but that might not be true in all situations... this highly depends on your needs). 


The e and h plane is explained pretty well here:




The 17 and 18 antennas are GENERALLY used for wall mounted coverage of warehouse or  outdoor locations (for user connectivity) or for mesh APs.


The 16 will give you 180 degree coverage in front of the AP (useful for ceiling mounts), the 17 is a 120 degree antenna (reaches further, but wont cover too well side to side) and the 18 is a 60 degree coverage pattern, so it reaches further, but lacks "wide" coverage.

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