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Antenna selection

I'm currently reviewing plans for a wireless deployment for a warehouse with extremely narrow ailes, and densely packed shelves.  I'm interested to hear folks ideas for antenna selection.  


Ailes run about 120 yards, and are about 4 yards wide.  Products on both sides of aisle.  It looks like this:


|Products |ailse| products|ailse|products|......


Directional antennas at the top of each aisle, for each aisle?

Sector/Directional antennas at the end of each aisle attempting to cover multiple aisles?




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Re: Antenna selection

Quite Frankly, you can use any access point that has downtilt Omnidirectional antennas like the AP105, 115, 135 or 225 to accomplish this.  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/WLAN-Professionals-Summit-2014/Hostile-Environments-Wireless-LAN-Design-for-Warehouses/gpm-p/139077#M3


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