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Anyone deploying VoWLAN?

If you are/were deploying a VoWLAN / VoWiFi solution, how did it go?


What were some of the challenges you encountered and what were you struggling with?


Anything you learned and want to share with others?


I have started a "Best Practices" article series in the Knowledge Base and would love to hear from you to make it better and more relevant! Thank you in advance!





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Re: Anyone deploying VoWLAN?

in my previous job, we have deploy around 2000 wifi phone, and to resume, the most important aspect will be tthe choice of the client.

we test different wifiphone :

aastra 312, aastra 320 (hard made by unidata 7800), unidata 7700, cisco, and ascom i75 and the best that we test in August 2011 was the Ascom i62.

at this period i was in france, now in canada and i try to find some equivalent in the local market, but nothing yet.

the other big advise, if you can, use the 5 Ghz with a min level of 65 db in youre WLAN.

after you will have to calibrate youre architecture with the environement, perturbations, budget and others good things...

good luck:smileywink:

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Re: Anyone deploying VoWLAN?

I have deployed 5 unidata 7800 phones at a client and have had two problems.  When we installed them originally they would not connect to the Aruba instant SSID. Turned out that the phone could not connect to a network with multiple key management types on a single network .  They connect fine to wpa-tkip if it is the only key management type and they connected fine if wpa2-aes is the only type, but when the network had both wpa-tkip and wpa2-aes assigned the phone would not connect to either one.   We created a new SSID with only one key management type to solve the problem, but i would really like to have a single SSID. The second problem we have run into is the phones disconnect from the network and drop the call.  We have a ticket open with TAC right now and they are looking into it.

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Re: Anyone deploying VoWLAN?

upgrade seems to have fixed my problem with the phones jumping around.  APs were on and i upgraded to

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Re: Anyone deploying VoWLAN?

I have an Instant network of 15 X IAP-105s.  Have deployed a Nortel WLAN 6140 buckled up to Nortel BCM 400.  All legacy equipment but proof of concept for vowifi on Instant.  Using 5ghz.

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