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Anyone had trouble with "ssh" after running command "delete stacking interface stack <module/port>

I have 3 Aruba S2500 switches that I ran the "delete stacking interface stack <module/port>" to make sure they were not stacked and to get the use of extra 10GB uplink ports.


One S2500 is the switch programmed as the "router" and I am connecting the other two S2500 switches, through the "Router's" 10GB ports "0/1/2" and 0/1/3", to the two other switches "0/1/0" ports.


The switch programmed, acting as the router, I can use the "SSH" command to access the switch from any vlan, etc within our network.  The other two programmed switches I cannot use the "SSH" command to access them.  I cannot ping these 2 switches by their IP addresses either, but if I have programmed a static IP into my laptop and plugged a network cable between my laptop and the port on the the switch I have programmed for that same vlan and then I can access either of these two switches through the "SSH" command.


These two programmed switches appear to be running correctly (everything that's connected to these 2 switches is operational and I can access and ping the connected devices when I use their IP addresses).  I have other Aruba S2500 switches in my network, at other IDFs, that are connected to these two switches through these two switches' "0/1/2" and "0/1/3" ports and I can use the "SSH command to access them as well (these other switches have not had the "delete stacking interface stack <module/port>" run on them).


Has anyone else reported this issue?  Is there another command I should have used in conjunction with "delete stacking interface stack <module/port>"  that would have prevented this issue?

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