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Anyone running a controller as their home router?

As the title says, is anyone using an Aruba controller as their home router as well as wireless controller? I’m considering ditching my Fios box in favor of plugging the WAN (internet) directly into the controller and removing the Fios router. Unfortunately Verizon is currently delivering my connection via coax so I either need to run a new CAT6 or bridge the Fios router. How’s everyone using their controllers at home?


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Re: Anyone running a controller as their home router?

If you do have your controller public facing, ensure you have the relevant ACL's in place on the public interface to restrict access to the controller. Only allow what is essentially required (e.g RAPs) and deny the rest.

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Re: Anyone running a controller as their home router?

I've had both AT&T U-verse and now Spectrum cable at the house. Spectrum is easiest, I just go ethernet from the Arris modem into a port on the controller. The controller gets the public IP, and I use it as the NAT source for my inside traffic.


When I used U-verse, their router had the public IP. Still, port forwarding allowed me to get mgmt, ssh, and RAP/Via connectivity to the outside interface on the controller.

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