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Anyone using Mondopads or WebRTC over wireless?

We have a campus wireless network with an Aruba 7210 controller. We have two SSIDs in play - one is 802.1X, the other is MAC auth for game consoles, TVs, etc.


We now have InFocus Mondopads in some classrooms, and they support AirPlay which works fine via AirGroup.  However, they also have some other software for mirroring your laptop screen on the display.  One is called Lightcast which is based on WebRTC, and another is called ControlView which is an app that allows you to mirror content and also control the device.


Both of these things try to discover your Mondopad on the network, which is not successful. ControlView allows you to enter the IP address of a Mondopad and then it works fine.  Lightcast, however, will not function unless it can discover one of the devices.


InFocus support sends us all kinds of information about these two apps in regards to what ports they need open, etc as if this is a firewall or routing issue.  But we believe it is simply that these protocols are trying to perform some sort of broadcast discovery which is not going to function correctly on an enterprise scale network with multiple VLANs etc. 



Is anyone using Mondopads on your wireless network and dealing with these pieces of software, or something similar?  Because they are not based on mDNS or DLNA, I don't think we have any hope of getting them to work via AirGroup.  Thanks!


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