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Ap-104 range vs Ap-105

On average will an ap-104 give you better range with external antennas than the ap-105?


Would it be just slightly better or significantly better?


If you didn't care about aesthetics which one would you buy?



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Re: Ap-104 range vs Ap-105

AN AP104 is the external antenna equivalent of the AP105.  The big difference is that the AP104 comes with NO antennas, so you can purchase antennas to decide what direction the energy is focused.  They both emit the sam energy.  The external antennas you can purchase for the AP104 allows you to decide what direction that energy is focused.


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Re: Ap-104 range vs Ap-105


In continues to cjoseph post.

Here is a list of Aruba antennas that fit by the config guide to AP-104:



I also attached for your the antenna matrix PDF - so you will be able to see all the needed info on each antenna.


have a lovely day.



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Re: Ap-104 range vs Ap-105



Aha, I had wondered about the antennas for the ap-104, but didn't know which ones would be best?

Is there a particular one that would be suitable for this AP? and would I require 4?





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Re: Ap-104 range vs Ap-105

what are you trying the achieve? the antentas serve different purposes, one that might be good in deployment x, might be worse in deployment y. if this is a "normal" situation, why not just use the AP-105?


if you want a better advise then explain the deployment you are looking at; inside / outside, describe the building, area, ...?

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Re: Ap-104 range vs Ap-105



The deployment would be inside and we generally do use the ap-105. In some cases the ap-105 has been wall mounted, but I hear conflicting advise about whether that is the right thing to do or not. I saw on one of the threads a recommendation to use the 104s on walls as they would be better suited, but it didn't say what antenna suited a particular purpose.

My thought of using the ap-104 would be greater flexibility when mounted on a wall, because the antenna could be pointed where you need them to be, as opposed to fixed in the case of the ap-105. We would still use the ap-105 on ceilings. That is assuming my understanding is correct here?


The problem with wireless is how complicated it starts to become quite quickly.


Thanks for replying




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Re: Ap-104 range vs Ap-105

I have a question, Minimum how many AP-ANT-1B antennas are needed to bring up the AP104 on both bands(2.4 and 5 Ghz) 


 should I have a antenna on each of the R0/A0 and R1/A0 ports, and turn on the "CSD Overide" on the HT radio-profile, correct? 


If i have a antenna only on the R0/A0, i get only the 5.Ghz signal, correct? and vice-versa if i have a antenna on the R1/A0, i would get only the 2.4Ghz signal, correct?


If I need 2x2 chain, on both 5Ghz and 2.4 Ghz, i would need compulsorily use 4 units of AP-ANT-1B antennas on R0/A0, R0/A1, R1/A0, and R1/A1, correct?