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Ap-105 static IP's.

New to Aruba, 

We bot 15 aruba AP-105. We have network of 172.16.x.x

I was able to setup one of the AP's as a virtual controller.

How should can I setup static IP's address on the remaining AP's or is the Aruba wireless don't need statics since they auto select by using DHCP. 

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Re: Ap-105 static IP's.

They do not need static ip addresses, and work better if you don't bother with them.  You can always reach the cluster on the VC ip address of

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Re: Ap-105 static IP's.

Hi Sir,


I have 3 aruba wifi ap .when i am log in to local that user & password showing invalid


plz suggest for how to log in



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Re: Ap-105 static IP's.

HI sir,


what is the default ip ,username & password of aruba 105

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Re: Ap-105 static IP's.

please use the IAP section for IAP questions. oh and start new threads for new questions.


there is no default IP, it gets on by DHCP. the default username and password are: admin


usually if you boot it will send an instant SSID, connect to there and login with credentials above to configure it further. all this is in the user guide.

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