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Apple Configurator and 802.1x

My school district recently purchased some iPads and I am in charge of getting them set up for student use. I am diving into Apple Configurator to get them started. I want them to connect to our enterprise wireless, which is Aruba Networks. We utilize the LDAP service on one of our Apple servers for clients to authenticate and use EAP-GTC protocol. I am able, and always have been to, select the wireless network in system preferences, type in my credentials to authenticate, then am prompted to accept the certificate and wha la, I'm on, no problem.

I have made a profile with in Apple Configurator to configure the iPads to join the wireless network using all the same credentials I use to manually set it up. I have also added the certificate for the network to the profile. After running the workflow in Apple Configurator, I check the iPad and it is not connected to the wireless, even though I do have "Auto Join" selected in the profile. However, if I go into system preferences and select the network, I am not prompted for my credentials but I am prompted to accept the certificate, then I am online.

Now one might think that is good enough and if I were distributing these to teachers I would probably tell them to do just that but with students, I don't want them messing around or even know that the system preferences app exists. So I guess my questions is, why do I still have to accept the certificate before it will join the network?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Apple Configurator and 802.1x

You probably have the wrong certificate added to the configuration.  Can you observe that the profile is pushed on the iPad?


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Re: Apple Configurator and 802.1x

Thank you for the reply. Yes, I do see in Apple Configurator, after it does a restore of my backup, it then says it is installing, or pushing the profile. I also know it made it to the iPad because even though I have to accept the certificate, it is not prompting me for the user name and password which I absolutely would have to do.

So you might be right, perhaps I am using the wrong certificate. That confuses me then. What would be the best way to obtain the certificate? All I did was connect to the SSID on my Apple laptop, when it asks to accept the certificate, I view the cert and then drag the icon to my desktop which saves a .cer file. I then imported that file into the profile I made in Apple Configurator.

Let me know if you have any further tips. 

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Re: Apple Configurator and 802.1x


So after I accept the certificate and successfully join the network I am able to create a backup of that particular iPad. If I restore that backup to that iPad only, it will connect to the network immidately with no problems. However, restoring that backup to any other iPad still will not connect to the network, I still have to accept the certificate. I am not sure if the certificates are device based or what. I am pretty confused at this point. 

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Re: Apple Configurator and 802.1x

in the apple configurator profile goto the wireless settings page. Halfway down there is a protocol and trust section, select trust and then tick the new certificates you have added. refresh the profile on the device and it should be OK.

Fixed my issues.. 

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