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Apple OSX 10.10 Wireless Supplicant Update!

I guess I'm glutton for punishment. I have a developers account and have access to the latest Apple releases. 


It appears OSX 10.10 brings wireless suppicant updates! 


Nice to see the IP, channel widths, noise and country code inside the supplciant .. Not sure if this will make the final release. But its in there now!



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Re: Apple OSX 10.10 Wireless Supplicant Update!

Have you noticed any issues with Disconnects on that Mac? We had a user that upgraded to 10.10 and was dropping constantly. We couldn't find a reason that it would drop like that. And it only happened on 802.1x network. So it seemed to be related to 802.1x in our enviorment but it might have just been a fluke with this specific user. 


In the wireless logs we'd see that the wifi would turn off randomly. We haven't enabled Airgroups though so it could be a culprit in dealing with bonjour




Wed Jun  4 11:23:37.276 <kernel> wl0: powerChange: *** BONJOUR/MDNS OFFLOADS ARE NOT RUNNING.
Wed Jun  4 11:23:38.068 <kernel> wl0: leaveModulePoweredForOffloads: Wi-Fi will turn off.
Wed Jun  4 11:23:38.069 <airportd[30]> _handleLinkEvent: WiFi is not powered. Resetting state variables.


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Re: Apple OSX 10.10 Wireless Supplicant Update!

I have to say my Mac has always been a bit inconsistent on WiFi. I have not noticed a difference going to 10.10. 

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