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Apple Remote Desktop Through Aruba VPN

I have a production 620 in place that is a local controller. There are several WLANs up and running at this location. When a user is connected wirelessly, they are able to use Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) to a couple MAC Mini's on site. However, when that same user is connected via VPN, their ARD attempt times out. I've quadruple checked the VPN role that the user is getting and I don't see anything that is blocking ARD at the firewall level (show datapath session). Also, we are  not using VIA. This is just IPSEC VPN from a laptop.


I did some reading on Apple's support site and found the following article that seems to indicate that ARD may not work properly over VPN without adjusting the MTU on the router (Aruba Controller). Has anyone had any experience with this? Is it possible to adjust the MTU for VPN users?



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