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Re: Apple Remote Desktop for a wireless lab

@mattjhughes wrote:

Sorry I can not understand the output from the command that well,  are you thinking it is being blocked on 5900? or is that standard for UDP traffic on that port (the Y flag)   Also when I try to change the role using the comand. 


aaa user add role Secure-Role

and then look in the user-table it still has the old role assigned..  


Any ideas on what should be my next steps? Thank you much for the help so far.  


also, the aaa user add command is case-sensitive for the role. The ip address and role need to be typed exactly; there is no error output to the command.


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Re: Apple Remote Desktop for a wireless lab



It seems like it will throw an "Unknown role" error if you do enter it incorrectly



(Aruba7240) #aaa user add role Secure-FAKE
Unknown role

in the end I just changed the role for these machines in Clearpass when they authencated for the time being.    It still does not work with the following role, I turned off Deep Packet and Classification


user-role Secure-Role
 max-sessions 65535
 dpi disable
 web-cc disable
 access-list session global-sacl
 access-list session apprf-Secure-Role-sacl
 access-list session allowall
!     17   5900  55272  0/0     0    0   8   tunnel 3267 84   0          0          FY         17   3283  3283   0/0     0    0   0   tunnel 3267 2    1          94         FC         17   55272 5900   0/0     0    0   0   tunnel 3267 84   43         2064       FC          6    60290 5900   0/0     5    0   0   tunnel 3267 163  373        19396                  17   3283  3283   0/0     0    0   1   tunnel 3267 2    1          94         F          6    5900  60290  0/0     5    0   0   tunnel 3267 163  379        116046     C  

I suppose it could be related to the program itself, but it works via the Wired network.




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