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Apple iPad roaming issue

We have three Aruba 3600 controllers (one master, two secondarys) and 230 AP's (mostly 105's and 104's). We use basic MAC authentication but there seems to be an issue when going from one AP to another. The iPad still detects the WiFi singal strength but looses it's connection when roaming to another AP. The only way to fix it is by renewing the IP on the iPad or switching the WiFi off temporary and switching it back on. I tried to turn on 802.11k and  "validate PMKID" on the controllers but that has not helped. I tried to debug the iPad from the controller CLI but it doesn't show the MAC addresses or IP when the new connection is made when roaming. What's strange is that it only affects iPad's, not Windows laptops. 






Re: Apple iPad roaming issue

When they roam from AP to AP; are they possibly going to different controllers?   If so, do you have IP Mobility enabled?

Systems Engineer, Northeast USA

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