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AppleTV question wireless to wired

I work for a school district. We have a large subnet located in our datacenter with our Aruba Controllers (running in Master/local 7210/7240)

We have many AppleTVs, some wired some wireless. I have AP Multicast Aggregation enabled and I can successfully see wired AppleTVs on wireless clients.


The question is, is it possible to do the reverse? I want to be able to have wireless AppleTV and wired client control it.

And to tack on another question, my wired AppleTVs ignore the AP Group that picks them up. So AppleTVs that are wired show up at every location instead of the location of the AP Group that picks it up. Is there a way to fix that? Do I need to get clearpass involved? (we do have clearpass doing our 802.1x and guest captive portal)

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