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AppleTVs disappearing from AirGroup

We have ~50 AppleTVs that are used in classrooms for projection. This past Tuesday they started disappearing from airgoup though they were still on the network. A restart of the airgroup service (airgroup enable/disable) works for a while, but after an hour or so they start disappearing again.


TAC looked at the situation and suggested that a memory leak in the auth module in was causing an issue with mdns. They suggested an upgrade to (which I did this morning) to fix the auth module issue. Though that issue seems to be fixed, the Apple TVs are still disappearing. 


We haven't made any network changes, but I'm wondering if students returning from Christmas break have caused the issue either bringing lots of new airplay devices or bringing freshly updated iOS devices. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Mike Naylor
The College of Wooster
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