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Apply QoS

Hi all,


I don´t know if this topic applies here.


We're deployment a voIP solution through our Wifi infraestructure (Aruba controller 7205 and several units of ap-315 and ap-305).

Is there any settings could we do to improve the voIP connections os any QoS setting for this service?

We note, for example, when doing a calling, if I move around the building, when I lost the signal from an AP and the client reconnect to the following AP, the calling sometimes forced end or lost audio for a while.


The voIP service is correctly working through a 4g mobile connection, so the service doesn't have problems.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Apply QoS

You can improve roaming and VOIP in specific if you make the access point transmit power range similar to that of the device being used.  Mismatch of transmit power is the #1 cause of roaming and VOIP issues.  If you make the transmit power between 12 and 18 on the access point, that is probably a good starting point.

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Re: Apply QoS

I've checked the transmit power and it's configured as you said. is there no any QoS setting could I apply?

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