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Architecture ? on remote office

Hi - I'm following through on the Branch Network Reference Design and am having trouble with the leapto this architecure.


So, let's say I have 20 remote office, where do they received DHCP from?  Should it be from the Corporate HQ lan or individually from the RAP?    My thought is the rap should issue the DHCP and we would route each subnet centrally from the mobility controller.  Each remote office having its IP space.  I think this is an old way of looking at it hence my question.


Should I think of these remote offices as really  "floors" in the same building? 

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Re: Architecture ? on remote office

For remote offices, are you planning to use RAP in Tunnel or Split-tunnel mode? If RAP is in tunnel or split-tunnel mode, then for corporate users IP-address should be assigned from HQ or DHCP server in the datacenter behind the controller.


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Re: Architecture ? on remote office

Tunnel mode - all traffic routed back through corporate office.


Thank you for your response.  I definately am having a hard time adjusting my brain to putting the lan out in the field.




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