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Are Aruba AP-205s supported IEEE802.3at ?

Hi all, Regarding Aruba AP-205H, this type of  APs are supported by IEEE802.3at ,written by AP-205H's datasheet. Regarding AP-205, we can not find it on the AP-205's datasheet.  Are AP-205 supported IEEE802.at regulation ? Can AP-205  work  on the 802.3 at environment ? Do you know any documment are filled out  this supported information by Aruba officially ?

Thank you for your help.


Re: Are Aruba AP-205s supported IEEE802.3at ?


good morning,

You asked two questions (AP-205 AND AP-205H)

Lets start from the basic:

(There is backward support from 802.at port <> You will be able to use POE+ ports with normal POE devices)


The 802.3at will supply the needs of AP-205 (that needs only 802.3af)


The AP-205 can work with 802.3at with no problems -as u can see from the ordering guide:



Hope i answerd your question.



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Re: Are Aruba AP-205s supported IEEE802.3at ?

Thank you for your comment,


I understand them clearly.



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