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AruabOS / Clearpass RADIUS accounting and multiple IP


In our environment we have Aruba OS and Amigopod/Clearpass 3.9.  One of our SSIDs is used for guest captive portal with MAC caching.  RFC3576 is setup and Amigopod is able to disconnect users on the controller.  Last week we upgraded the code on the controller from AOS to

Since the code upgrade on the controller, I have noticed some clients have more than one "active" session listed on the Amigopod.  There is a client ( same MAC ) with 20 entries in the Active Sessions table.  Some clients ( mostly Android phones) have IP addresses listed that are not from our WiFi subnet.  I am guessing the controller is picking up the carrier's IP from cell phone interface.  Some clients ( iPads ) have our correct WiFi IP listed multiple times.  When I look in the Amigopod system log for some of these, I only see RADIUS Accounting Starts for these sessions, no Stops.

It's a slow time around here so this isn't a large issue -- but when things pick up, I could see us hitting our license limit of 2000 on the Amigopod because of all these duplicate entries.

Any ideas what may have changed in the new AOS code?  Why are we seeing the cell IP in the Amigopod?  Lastly, why are some devices are listed more than once as (active)?  


Re: AruabOS / Clearpass RADIUS accounting and multiple IP

I believe we are counting the MAC address of the device against the license usage.  I am not sure why you are seeing the cellular interface's IP address in the system.  I would open a tac case for that.

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