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Aruba 105 Thin AP port usage?

Hi All,


     I dont know exactly what i need to ask but i do know what i am trying to ask :)  We have over 15 different remote sites with Aruba Thin AP implementations.  We recently moved 2 of these sites from VPN or ADSL link to T1.  As soon as we did that the Aruba AP wont work there anymore.  We take the same AP to any other remote site and it comes up.  but at these two sites it shows "down" on the Aruba controller and i cant do anything to them.


     Is there something i can go with to our ISP and say can you check this please b/c they stoped working as soon as we upgraded the circuit to T1.


     Any help will be appreciated. 


thank you,


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Re: Aruba 105 Thin AP port usage?

If these are Remote APs, you would need to allow UDP/4500.


If they are Campus APs, you would need several ports (listed below from the 6.1 ArubaOS users guide):


  1. Between an AP and the controller:

    •   PAPI (UDP port 8211). If the AP uses DNS to discover the LMS controller, the AP first attempts to connect to the master controller. (Also allow DNS (UDP port 53) traffic from the AP to the DNS server.)

    •   PAPI (UDP port 8211). All APs running as Air Monitors (AMs) require a permanent PAPI connection to the master controller.

    •   FTP (TCP port 21).

    •   TFTP (UDP port 69) all APs, if there is no local image on the AP (for example, a new AP) the AP will use

      TFTP to retrieve the initial image.

    •   NTP (UDP port 123).

    •   SYSLOG (UDP port 514).

    •   PAPI (UDP port 8211).

    •   GRE (protocol 47).

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Re: Aruba 105 Thin AP port usage?

And does these AP get IP by DHCP? Is there DHCP server in network where they are plugged in?

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Re: Aruba 105 Thin AP port usage?

We sometimes run into issues when we provision new AP's over the WAN? We are using 105's. Looking at network captures, we see it hit the controller and start transferring the image, but some where during the TFTP it loses it's connection and starts over. Anyone else run into this issu?

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