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Aruba 3200XM HA Configuration


I have two Aruba 3200XM WLC's and I would like to put them into an Active/Passive set up. However, I am having difficulty understanding how to configure this using the online documentation. Could somebody provide some step by step high level instructions on how to set this up? I am noticing in the controller that you can do a VRRP set up or an HA Group configuration. Which one is better? I am also not sure about the whole "local" vs "master" controller setup, does that matter?


Any help you can provide would be great! I just need some guidance on how to get this going. Thanks everyone!

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Re: Aruba 3200XM HA Configuration

There are quite some considerations before you can pick the optimal redundancy model for your situation. The Master / Standby Master is a safe choice and least complex to set up.


Good document to get started (for the 3200xm) is the Campus Wireless Networks VRD (6.x). Check the redundancy chapter for an overview of the options you have and high-level setup for each of those options.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: Aruba 3200XM HA Configuration



Thank you so much for this! This is a very good link for me! I did have one questions though. One of my WLANs is an 802.1x WLAN that requires the use of a backend Radius server. My WLCs are 3200XM so they do not support the Client State Sync feature. I plan on rolling this out in an Active/Standby setup. If the Primary WLC thats serving the APs fails, and the standby takes over, will the standby then use its own IP address in the Radius requests? Or should I set up VRRP and use the VRRP VIP as the NAC IP in the radius server to cover both controllers? Right now, the primary WLC is in the Radius server as a NAC Client with its own IP. But the secondary controller is not yet in the Radius server. 

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