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Aruba 3400 Logging

Does anyone have a good logging setup example they use for their Aruba 3400 controller?  I have enabled logging to our syslog server and it reports a lot of junk information that I would like to turn off.  I would like to find a balance on the logging to report as much information as possible while only receiving useful information.  I found the document provided by Aruba regarding the logging categories and their associated message IDs but it only say what categories they are in and not sub-categories so it is difficult to determine which junk messages are associated with which category.

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Re: Aruba 3400 Logging

Generally speaking, I would agree, it's tricky to hit the "sweet-spot" with logging.


I've done this for a few clients with a little trial and error.


To get us started, can you give us an idea of what events you would find interesting? So we've got a target?

Kudos appreciated, but I'm not hunting! (ACMX 104)
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