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Aruba 3600 Fan Tachometers

Dear All,


I have a Aruba 3600, the show inventory result are A/F. The Fan Tachometers of Fan A is low than other 3 Fans, but the status LED still green,,, Please help to mention me it is normal or Fan A failed?


Aruba3600 Card Temperatures             :
                                : Card Temperature          31 C
                                : CPU Temperature           42 C
Aruba3600 Fan Tachometers               :
                                : Chassis Fan A              941 RPM
                                : Chassis Fan B             4067 RPM
                                : Chassis Fan C             4067 RPM
                                : Chassis Fan D             3934 RPM
Aruba3600 Card Voltages         :
                                : VMON1 3300mV              3318 mV
                                : VMON2 2500mV              2544 mV
                                : VMON3 AB 1800mV           1810 mV
                                : VMON4 CD 1800mV           1816 mV
                                : VMON5 1200mV              1218 mV
                                : VMON6 1000mV              1002 mV


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Re: Aruba 3600 Fan Tachometers

Is there anyone help? Thanks a lot...

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Re: Aruba 3600 Fan Tachometers

I would contact support.  I am not sure if it has to go to zero before it warns that there is an issue.  

Can you see the fan?

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Re: Aruba 3600 Fan Tachometers

Yes, I have see the fan, it sees good and still rotating...


Re: Aruba 3600 Fan Tachometers

hi ccku


Support won't be able to make much of a determination beyond the suspicion that perhaps this fan is starting to get sticky and rotate slower and may eventually fail.


We do not implement independent fan speed control so they should all at about the same speed, you have grounds for an RMA now, but if it's not causing increased temp, perhaps keep an eye on it and if it keeps going lower then consider RMA during a maintenance window.




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