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Aruba 3600 client IP conflict



I am running 2 Aruba 3600 Controllers that are constantly giving out conflicting IP addresses. DHCP is handled by Windows server and we operate a school environment with shared laptops for students and 802.1x authentication.


At various times throughout the day I will get laptops handed back to me that show as connected and get a valid IP address from DHCP, but are not actively connected past that.


Logging into the Aruba controller and going to Monitoring > All WLAN Clients and doing a search for the IP address will show an old client in the table.


Is there any way to ensure that these old clients are flushed out as soon as they are disconnected?

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Re: Aruba 3600 client IP conflict

What is the output of "show AAA timer"?

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Re: Aruba 3600 client IP conflict



If you browse to your SSID profile, under the advanced tab you´ll find a field called Station Ageout Time. Check the configuration there, I think the default value is 1000 sec.


Also take a look under Authentication and the advanced tab for additional timers that might need tweaking.



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Re: Aruba 3600 client IP conflict

The Station Ageout Time is 1000 seconds on all my Virtual AP SSID's.


User interim stats frequency: 300 sec 

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