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Aruba 6000 - APs jumping between controllers

Hi all


I support a school where we have two different schools on site linked back to the main curriculum network (we collapsed them, they were on a different subnet and now they can all see eachother etc).


What we have had problems with is that the 6th form controller (which is entirely seperate and only meant to serve 4 APs) is taking ownership of other APs around the site and they are remaining unprovisioned


How can I on the aruba controller tell it to only find APs by Mac Address or has anyone got any suggestions about the best way to stop the other controllers APs flooding onto the 6th form 6000




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Re: Aruba 6000 - APs jumping between controllers



Statically provision the 4 access points to only point to their controller.  Turn of ADP broadcast and ADP join for that controller.


The other access points will find their controller via a layer-2 broadcast.


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Re: Aruba 6000 - APs jumping between controllers

Am I right in thinking that your controllers and sites are both now on one flat network/same subnet? I.e. no VLANs or IP routing then?


If so, that suggests that maybe the DHCP option wouldn't work (or be practical to implement), as you're probably using one DHCP server? And I bet it's Microsoft?


Anyway, there's two options.


1. Enable control plane on both controllers, and only authorise the APs on each site upon their local site controller (I don't like this).


2. Provision the APs in either site in groups (site-a and site-b). Then apply an AP system profile for each group, specifying a primary LMS in each site of the local controller, and a backup LMS of the controller in the remote site? (I prefer this).


You can check the manuals if you're not sure how to do this in detail, but it's really easy when you've done it once.


Good luck!

Kudos appreciated, but I'm not hunting! (ACMX 104)
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