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Aruba 620 -AP-93 Extreme slow wifi


I am running a latest firmware 620 wifi controller wich has multiple AP-93
My wifi is super slow. When I use direct cable I can download @ 7000kb per sec. When I use the wifi I get 600-1000KB per sec for the same
download. I have tried multiple NIC's with the same result. Also my other laptops have the same problem.
Currently using an AC-7260. Can someone help me to troubleshoot? I am 2 metres away from the accespoint. There are no other SSID's in the neighboorhood

Re: Aruba 620 -AP-93 Extreme slow wifi



Are u using 20Mhz wide in 2.4 ? or 40Mhz wide in 5.0?


(Your 2.4Ghz enviroment - may causing some issues)


Please try to use only 5.0Ghz with 40Mz...and let us know the results.

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Re: Aruba 620 -AP-93 Extreme slow wifi

If you've not done so already, upgrade the 7260 to the latest driver.

The other wireless NICs you've tried, are they 7260 as well?

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Re: Aruba 620 -AP-93 Extreme slow wifi

Have you check if there is a lot of noise in the 2.4ghz band which could be consuming all your airtime?

Please check on the dashboard on the noise and channel busy %


You will see slow wifi if thats the case.




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