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Aruba 7005 Vlan Problems

hey there...


i installed a 7005 controller and 5 AP-115 with 3 WLANs. WLANs are working and I can connect but i dont have connectivity (cant access default gateway).


- Each WLAN is mapped to a VLAN and the controller itself has his IP in another VLAN-Interface.

- Each VLAN is mapped to a Port as ACCESS PORT


When i have connected the Port with the VLAN where the controller has its IP,  I can access the Controller, the APs find the Controller and the WLANs come up(but clients can not access their default gateway), BUT when i connect the next cable (which goes to the same swith but to another VLAN ACCESS PORT) the APs disconnect ant i can not access the controller, since i disconnect the cable.


What am i missing? I just need to connect the WLAN-VLANs to the infrastrukture where the VLANs already exist and are working.


the Switch shows all port up and running and SPANNING TREE Forwarding a VLAN per Port, also no Error-disable or port security...


Re: Aruba 7005 Vlan Problems

I suspect that spanning-tree is probably the source of your problem (tipped off by the connecting of another cable, which will trigger a spanning-tree discovery event)


I'd port-channel the controller to the downstream switch, and trunk the VLANs on the port-channel.

If you're needing the VLANs separated for some reason, turn off spanning-tree on the controller. (and be careful not to put two ports in the same VLAN)


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Re: Aruba 7005 Vlan Problems

Not sure if you've resolved your issue or not. I'm not entirely clear on what you're describing so let me ask a few questions.


What are the 3 VLANs in use?


What VLAN do your AP's reside in?


When you say your wireless client can connect, but don't have connectivity...what do you mean? Are you using WPA2 for authentication?


Is there a gateway configured for each VLAN on the controller or is there another Layer-3 device handling the gateway?

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Re: Aruba 7005 Vlan Problems

i solved the problem by disabling STP, the controller was putting ports in discarding state. Now the switch only runs STP and everything works fine.

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