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Aruba 7010 Two Controllers Best Design

Hello All,


I have two Aruba 7010 controllers, and i have 35 APs.


What is the best design i would go with (master-master/master-local)?


If i chose one of them as a master and the other as local can the master hold all the licenses because its maximum capacity is 32 and i have 35?


Do i need to use VRRP and whats for?


Please help me ASAP :)

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Re: Aruba 7010 Two Controllers Best Design

If you have 35 devices, you must make the 7010s master/local, so that your APs are spread out between two devices. 


Master/master will only allow a single master to terminate all of your access points (maximum 32 on the 7010), so it will not work in your situation.


VRRP is typically used for redundancy, where a single ip address would be answered by an active controller.  The "backup"  or secondary controller would take control of the ip address if the first controller failed.  That would only be useful if one controller could terminate all of your your APs, and the second controller would function as a backup.  If you choose a 7010, it cannot terminate all of your APs, so VRRP would not be useful in this situation.


If you already chose a 7010, you would have to configure them as master/local, which allows both controllers to terminate APs at the same time.  If you could do it again, you should purchase a single 7030, because it gives you the same redundancy that you have right now...

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Re: Aruba 7010 Two Controllers Best Design

it all depends on what type of network you are designing. First off, your controller model will not support all your APs.

Centralized licensing would be the way to go where your licenses will live on the master.

You potentially could deploy AP fast failover.

You don't necessarily need VRRP but again depends on the design.

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