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Aruba 7010 User session management | captive portal authentication

Hi our office SSID have configured with PSK (preshared key) and local captive portal authentication (with local database).

configuraion is currently working now (example: once someone connected to office ssid with psk, immediately browser shall redirect to captive portal, once user submitt his username and password will have the network /internet access).


now everyone complaint as once they have the network access (ssid with psk + captive portal authentication), after sometime they restarted the device / disconnect the wifi (example: went out from office) and after sometime reconnet to same ssid, then user need to authenticate with controller using captive portal (every time captive portal authentication is required), can we able to avoid this repeated captive portal authentication.


we are prefer for everyday morning user should authenticate with controller by using captive portal after that captive portal authentication is not required (even user disconnect the wifi and connect again)

Re: Aruba 7010 User session management | captive portal authentication

What is the user idle-timeout set to? Run the command "show aaa timers" to display this. By default this is set to 5 minutes. Further explanation can be found below:




You can also specify a User idle timeout under the Captive Portal Authentication Profile, enabling this option
overrides the global settings configured in the AAA timers. If this is disabled, the global settings are used.

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Re: Aruba 7010 User session management | captive portal authentication

hi zalion0 thanks for the quick response.


we are looking not only for idle timeout, even if user disconnect the wifi and connect after one hour that time also need to get the network access without captive portal authentication.


is it achievable with "Auth Server dead time / Logon user lifetime" parameneter.


Auth Server dead time = 10 minutes
Logon user lifetime = 5 minutes


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